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Before and After Season Final.

Bryke: ....

Bryke: Are you sure about that?


Season Final: .................

Season Final: ................

Fandom: ........What..........

Fandom: W-What is this....... What........

Season Final: ............

Season Final: ............


Bryke: .............Trololololol.

Bryke: Be careful what you ask for.

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I just want to hug all of you and we can go into a little air bubble in the sky and just hold each other until the second season starts.

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  • Sorry, but expect gifs coming out of here like it’s nobody’s business.
  • I guess I may tag them as spoilers, but we shall see.
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  • I ship Amon and Tarrlok until the day I die.
  • MAKORRA. I literally collapsed during this scene.
  • Best. Finale. Ever.
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And it’s breaking me into two

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I usually put these under ‘Read More,’ but I’m kinda passionate on this one.

Okay, I just read a little post about how Asami’s so much more selfless than Korra because she just uprooted her entire life and electrocuted her only existing family member for good reason. (Her only existing family member turned out to be an evil crackpot, working for the most evil crackpots of all crackpots. What being with a working moral compass wouldn’t electrocute their family member to stop them from hurting innocent people?) Don’t get me wrong. Asami is amazing, and I truly admire how she was able to do that, but are you kidding me?! How can you even compare the two? It’s like apples and oranges!

Korra is the Avatar. Her entire life means leaving everything behind to become this savior of the world. Her exact title and existence poops selflessness. I get that she’s been selfish in the past, which is something attributed to her main character flaw… but leaving her only family behind, going to a foreign place, giving up her childhood, training every day of her life, giving up her freedom, facing life-threatening situations just because she merely exists… all to live up to the expectation that she is everyone’s savior? And doing all of that willingly and enthusiastically? If that doesn’t punch you in the face with a sticker that reads “SELFLESSNESS,” then I don’t know what will.

I understand that Asami’s character is kinda being flushed down the toilet with this entire love triangle business. But you don’t need to bring down another character to justify your opinion. 


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My brother and I came up with a Legend of Korra version of ‘Thumb War’ called ‘Amon War.’ Here are the rules: 

  • You and the other person will hold hands like you are playing thumb war. Only, you need to put your fists to your foreheads. 
  • The call is “1, 2, 3, 4, I declare war on all benders!’ 
  • The objective is not to put one thumb over the other, but rather get your thumb on your opponent’s forehead. 
  • It gets rough, buddy. It’s a game of arm strength and will to keep your bending. 
  • Someone is deemed a winner when they successfully press their thumb to their opponents forehead. You can set the time for how long it needs to stay there, but for me and my brother it was just a second or two. 


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Might make it into a photoset, coupled with some meaningful text. Woo.

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After seeing a multitude of people bitch complain about spoilers on the day of an episode premiere (I mean, really.), I decided to put a warning in my blog, saying my blog may contain spoilers.

I apologize to my followers if you get spoiled, but I do tag everything appropriately (minus the tag, “spoiler,” because I just feel that’s unnecessary for an episode that’s already aired). If you really want to avoid getting spoiled, just blacklist “legend of korra” and my stuff will disappear.

Oh, and hello to my new followers!

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I was tempted to do a parallel between the Fire Ferret brothers and their compliments of Korra, but I felt that that would just spark shit. And that’d be awkotaco.

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You know what I find funny about you fandom:
You hate Mako because he is a two timing ass: but yet half of you are ok with Korra between two guys.

You hate Mako because you think he is a jerk: but yet half of you love the jerk/cheating/bullying Tahno.

You hate Mako because he is terrible to Bolin: yet he gave up his childhood to protect his brother and live on the streets where gangs/triads constantly patrolled and somehow Bolin came out perfect.

You hate Mako because he kissed Korra: but yet you ALL tend to forget Korra initiated the kiss when Mako was trying to explain how he felt.

You hate Mako because he took Asami's side in episode 6: but now when he is supports the Avatar and tries to be there for her as a friend it changes nothing.

You hate Mako because he is confused about his romantic feelings toward Korra: yet when Katara was confused about her romantic feelings for Aang and it took all the way to the last episode of book 3 it was understandable, they were at war.

You hate Mako because he can't decide between Asami or Korra: yet Sokka loved both Yue and Suki and had unresolved feelings throughout book 1 & 2.

You hate Mako because he is weak minded: yet Zuko won your hearts by the end of the series because you saw him develop, Mako isn't afforded that.

You hate Mako because he can be hotheaded from time to time: very unlike most firebenders we've seen.

You hate Mako for being a bad influence on children watching the show: because yes, those children are clearly analyzing this as hard as you are. "Bolin makes me lol"

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